Sabrina Neveu

Sabrina Neveu's passion for real estate has been built upon the acquisition of properties and the consolidation of investments in similar domains.

Her strong experience comes from a lot of personal success, that defines her as a person, that's there to assist regardless the task. Determined to help people, it is only natural, that she gives herself the mission to help others by sharing her expertise in the same domain.


Throughout her formation to obtain her license, her colleagues acknowledge her solid moral values and her talent to negotiate. As well, her will to understand the fundamentals of being a good real estate agent.

Highly ambitious and motivated to reach even the hardest objectives, Sabrina will never refuse any challenge, as hard as it may look.

Encouraged by team work, mutual trust and collaboration towards a common objective, she sees herself more as a partner. In other words, Sabrina is very truthful and helpful. She will give everything she has, to help each individual reach their ideal goal.

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